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Additional Anti-Spyware You Can Try

The following are additional anti-spyware you can download and try. This applications are stand-alone programs that do not have any real-time protections features. As such they will work well with your current antivirus programs. They have also been test and found to be compatible with Spybot Search and Destroy.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Review

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a standalone anti-spyware similiar to Spybot Search and Destroy. From our experience we found it  provides much more thorough scanning and as such is able to detected spyware missed by Spybot.


However due to it's extensive scanning technique, Anti-Malware is also much - much slower than Spybot. Anti-Malware consumes up to 20% CPU processing power. You will therefore experience reduced system functionality during the scanning process. Spybot on the either hand is so much more lighter on system resources that you can carry on working on your computer as per normal while scanning is in progress


We ran Malwarebytes on our systems and found it to scan just like an antivirus (the paid version has real-time protection like an antivirus). Most of the additional spyware detected were located in the temporary folders sections - which generally does not pose such a big threat.


Our recommendation is use Spybot for quick and efficient cleaning of spyware. Then maybe once a month, use Anti-Malware to do a thorough cleaning. That way you have the best of both programs. In the meantime don't forget to follow all the tips you learn in the courseware.


To download, visit the program homepage here.


SUPERAntiSpyware - Portable Version


If you need a portable anti-spyware then you can try SUPERAntiSpyware.  Although this application has weaker scanning capabilities you can carry it with you in a thumdrive to scan your customers or friends and relatives computer.


The portable version cannot be updated.


If you do find spyware with this program however, you are advised to rescan the computer with either Spybot or Anti-Malware.


Go to the program's homepage to download. Click here.

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